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Greenwich Cone

The Cone at Greenwich Observatory was carried out in 2005 for Quickseal Limited, we provided an access to the inside and outside of this irregular shaped structure with the minimum of contact points.

JT Barton

Barton & M60 bridge sections carried out in 2001 for Jack Tighe Limited, providing under slung suspended working platforms and access to this busy motorway section.

Hallamshire Hospital

Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield carried out 2005-6 for HBG Limited, full access for refurbishment and improvements to this working hospital.

The Deep

The Deep, Kingston Upon Hull completed in 2002 [plus extension in 2005], new build millennium project for Bovis and sub contractors providing access when and where needed as well as a bespoke system for securing the external access scaffold to the "Shark's Nose" due to the proximity of the Rivers Humber & Hull.

Huddersfield University

Huddersfield University carried out in 2005, refurbishment and new build to extend the facilities to a busy and operational university campus.

Pontcyllte Aqueduct Restoration - Llangollen Canal

Pontcyllte Aqueduct Restoration Work carried out for Pyeroy Limited, completed in 2004, access and weather protection to highest aqueduct canal.


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