Specialist Scaffolding Services


At S.G.S safety is paramount, so all our scaffold and services comply with NASC and TG20:13 guidelines.

S.G.S use state of the art software from CADS Smart Scaffolder to ensure you have a safe and compliant structure to work from. Our design team are fluent in the modelling package we have, and are able to produce, design, cost and check all drawings to a TG20:13 standard.

We are able to design, create and perfect the right scaffold or service for your site, whether that be independent scaffold, temporary roofing or birdcages.

We also outsource design work to registered civil engineers to ensure the product you receive is safe and fully compliant to any guild lines.

Below are some examples of the work our design team have produced which all comply to NASC and TG20:13. So you can rest easy knowing S.G.S Limited have produced a safe, compliant structure for your site.


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